Seven North Blog welcomes you


Seven North Blog welcomes you: we’re waiting for Google , Bing , and Yahoo to come by and Index our new blog on the Seven North website.Getting your blog indexed by the search engines will be a topic we’ll be discussing here in some depth.

Seven North Blog: is where you’ll find Interesting and Informative and we’ll be providing you with some innovative ways to make your website look, search, and sell better than ever before.

Mobile search: will also be a topic that everyone will find interesting; in a few short years mobile search will be the most commonly used way to search the internet. It actually already is, in China which is a huge market that’s well worth paying attention to as far as trend setting.

Website management is the new SEO: Google has made it very clear that they are very tired of SEO people trying to manipulate the search engines. They have laid down some rules that all of us would do well to follow. We have a website management, section of our website, that anyone who wishes to move their website ahead in searches would do well to read.

Seven North blog will talk a lot about selling: because this is one of the biggest problems we see with the websites we are asked to review everyday, so we’ll spend quite a bit of time talking about selling here.

Most websites do a very poor job of selling; usually because well meaning owners of websites have tried to write¬† the copy for their website, or they’ve trusted a website builder, who doesn’t know how to sell.

We will stop here and wait for the Googlebot to stop by: and we will then begin posting articles here every week that will make your website better. 

Thanks for stopping by, we look forward to serving you! Bob Lewis