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Website Management at Seven North Web St Petersburg Fl: will allow you to focus on building your real business (The business you dreamed of owning) instead of spending late nights blogging, learning internet codes, SEO tactics and the best way to use the Social medias.

Here’s a short quiz to see if you’re complying with Google’s rules: only the websites following their new rules will show up well in searches.

Good luck with your new buddy the Googlebot

Website Management will help you with the Googlebot
Are you complying with my new rules
Wow! He doesn’t waste any time does he! Bit of an attitude if you ask us.

1) Does your Home page link to landing pages inside your website? Y__ N__

For example: on a plumbers website: each of the links below should go to a specific landing page inside the website.

  • Drain Cleaning
  • Water Heaters
  • Septic tanks
  • Sewer line repairs

Each of the services listed above, must be a link to an informative page about drain cleaning.

This is a Big Deal: because Google; will no longer index, (include in searches) a list of words, with no links. The Googlebot wants links to informative landing pages and [So Do You] here’s why:

When people searching click on Drain Cleaning they’ll land on your (drain cleaning) landing page inside your website without getting confused or lost, on your home page. 21st Century website rule: Don’t Make Me Think!

Your landing page for Drain cleaning will be Informative and exactly what your prospect is looking for, with CTA’S (Calls to Action) and your Contact Information, to make it easy to contact you and buy your services.

Each page of your website should be a landing page! (ABC) Always Be Selling

FACT: you’ll only get 5 seconds to capture and keep your prospects attention, before they click on their mouse and look somewhere else.

2) Do you have a Blog and have you posted on it, in the last month? Y__ N__

Your Blog is the most powerful tool on your website: Here’s why:

If you’ll spend the time to become a trusted resource with Google, each blog post can become a landing page for your website. Most businesses waste this valuable resource. They use their blog to say hello we’re here, or publish a short article about something funny. This is a waste of time. Here’s some blogging tips:

Here’s a blog article that won’t do anything for your business: “fun things to do with your hair”…this may be fun, but no one’s searching for this and you’ll never get any business from a blog article like this.

Here’s an example of a good blog article: “Hair Coloring St. Petersburg” This is a good search for a hair salon. This informative article can show up in searches on the internet and bring prospects to your website all year long.

Blogging is very time consuming, so we’ll do it for you; (Perfectly) twice every
month, with incredible results for your business. We’ll tell you more after the quiz…

3) Is your business getting (positive reviews) every month online? Y__ N__

Website Management is included in reviews Meet the 800 LB Gorilla… REVIEWS:

This is a really big deal now. The business with the most positive reviews wins with Google. If your business is not getting new positive reviews online every month, you need to get busy, fast.

The reviews on “Google Places” are the most important, but you’ll also need reviews in the other respected directories, i.e. Yelp, Yellow pages, Yahoo local, etc…

If you’ve tried to get reviews, then you know how hard they are to get. We can handle this for you. We’ll get you 10 new positive reviews in the first month of a website management program and you’ll get no less than 3 new reviews every month thereafter. This will keep any 800 lb Gorilla happy!

4) Is Google Maps Installed and working on your website? Y__ N__

Googlemaps installed for website management If you haven’t Installed Google Maps then you must do it now! Google populates its searches using local business listings from phone directories, Yellowpages, Superpages, etc, but, most importantly from Google maps, but here’s another very good reason to claim your listing:

If you haven’t claimed your business in Google Maps; there are a lot of unclaimed listings being hijacked by spammers, competitors and crooks.

As part of our website management service, we’ll install Google Maps. If you already have Google Maps we’ll make sure there optimized, working and keep them up to date.

5) Is the content on your home page more than 3 months old? Y__ N__

website management includes fresh content

Content is king now: rich, original, content describing what you do and what you’re selling, with your prospect in mind, not the Googlebots. If your copy is repetitive and stuffed with keywords, you better get rid of it fast! If you don’t care about your websites content, neither will the Googlebots…

Google is choosing business owners who are engaged and actively trying to build relationships with new customers online with new offers, products and current information.

You’ll always be up to date with our website management program: In most cases we’ll rewrite your content to make sure it’s up to date and we’ll make sure it sells and stays current.

FACT: Most websites don’t sell. We’ll make sure every page of your website is a sell page!

6) Are you showing new products or services on your home page? Y__ N__

Once again this is about keeping your content fresh. If you’re an artist then lets see some new work every few months and let people know your work is selling!

Google is watching this closely now: as we said above they’re looking for businesses that are constantly trying to improve their content and their services.

website management gets rid of old content 7) Are the current events on your website, dated? Y__ N__

It’s not unusual to see articles on websites that are 3 years old on the internet: this is changing now! This is enough to get you bumped all the way out of a search. So we’ll check your website if we’re rewriting the content and make sure everything is up to date.

8) Is your websites code current? (this is what the Googlebots read!) Y__ N__

Crawling websites takes time: and Google has told everyone; fix your outdated code. If you don’t they’ll stop crawling your site or they’ll only come by once a year.

Here’s a worthy goal: If you have an active Blog with fresh original content that’s constantly changing, it’s not unusual for Google to crawl a site once every few days.

FACT: An active Blog that’s a trusted resource with Google will post to the Internet in seconds! We do it all the time.

9) Is your website listed in multiple directories on the Internet? Y__ N__

Google takes all of the places your business shows up into consideration: this is one of the ways they use to decide how relevant your business is. You want to be in the right places and there are places you don’t want to be as well.

Most businesses have unclaimed listings in directories on the internet. We’ll find the good ones, claim them and we’ll keep them current for you. These directories will need fresh content as well.

10) Do you post to the Social Media Sites shown on your website? Y__ N__

The only thing worse than not being involved in Facebook and Twitter: is having a listing on Facebook and Twitter and not taking time to post comments and meet new people and build relationships with them.

We’ll work with you to develop a strategy for Facebook and any of the other Social Media’s you’re currently using.

How much does Website Management cost?


“It’s Priceless and Affordable”

Our website Management program includes the following…

1) We’ll rewrite your existing home page free of charge during the first month.

2) We’ll place links (to create landing pages) to the important pages on your website.

3) We’ll will add a blog to your website if you don’t have one, (free of charge).

4) We’ll post two blogs a month on your website, with the goal of creating new landing pages.

5) We’ll get you 10 real reviews the first month and 3 reviews every month thereafter.

6) We’ll install Google Maps on your website and make sure it’s current.

7) We’ll freshen up the copy on each of your websites pages. (Limit of 15 pages).

8) We’ll make sure your business listings on the internet directories stay current.

9) We’ll do an SEO check to make sure your websites code is current. 

10) We’ll make sure you’re current with Facebook each month, if you use Facebook.

11) We’ll give you feedback each month as to how you’re doing in searches for what you do.

12) We’ll also make sure your websites code is current and stays that way.

This Comprehensive Website Management program will keep your business out in front on the internet…And the total Investment in your business cost less than a small Ad in the Newspaper.

  For the cost of a small print Ad, we’ll give you the internet…

If these are the kind of results your business needs, contact Seven North Web at 727.894.4810 we provide web design Management in St Petersburg, Largo, Clearwater and the entire Tampa Bay area.