Website Design St Petersburg

Website design is the single most important thing you can do to ensure your success in business, because you only get five seconds to capture and hold your visitors attention. 

Website Design St. Petersburg Fl, by Seven North Web will get and hold your visitors attention. Your receptionist used to be the first contact your business had with your prospects.

Your businesses website is now where your prospects  will decide whether or not to make that very important first call to your business. Seven North can make sure you get the call and not your competitors!   

Website design is more than just the look and feel of your website. With all of Google’s new rules you need a full service approach to website design and management.           

Here is a list of services we offer for your business:

Website Design



SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Secure Web Hosting

Graphic Design

Website Management

Social Media’s i.e. (Facebook)

Seven North Web will turn your website into a cash register. That’s right we build websites that will sell what you’re selling fast 24/7…

Remember this: Your prospects aren’t looking for you. Your prospects are looking for a business that does what you do. We’ll make sure they find you first on the Internet.

  • Seven North will build you an easy to use website for your customers.
  • We’ll analyze your competition to make sure your business stands out.
  • We’ll create confidence in your websites visitors in the first five seconds.
  • Your new prospects on the Internet will become your brand new customers.

This takes planning and hard work and that’s what you’ll get at Seven North

Mobile website design: (mobile phones) are fast becoming the way your customers will find you. People are in a hurry and their attention spans are incredibly short. Seven North will install a mobile website app on your website, to make your website look great on small mobile phones.

Need a re-designed website? If you already have a website, but it’s become outdated and you’re phones not ringing. We’ll make your website better than new!!

Website rebuilds will save you money and we’ll also rewrite your websites content, while were rebuilding your website. If you like; we also have a website management program that will make sure you stay at the top for all of the searches that will attract the right customers to your business.

We Make Your Phone Ring

Call 727.894.4910 for a Free rewrite of your Home Page.

Below are some of the most frequent questions asked about Website Design. If we missed your questions, please give us a call and we’ll answer them right away.

1. Does Website Design involve the use of templates? If cost is a concern we’ll use a template. If your website is complex we won’t. If you want something really different or customized, we won’t! You will love your new website; we guarantee it!

2. Do you have marketing and sales experience? This is a great question, because there are a lot of website builders that “Couldn’t sell Beer and Smokes on a Troopship.” Copywriting is a specialty at Seven North Web and we’ll spend quite a bit of time on this subject with you. (We’ve built websites since 1999 and we have a lot happy customers.)

3. Do you offer any Internet services? Yes, see our website management page before you leave here. This is a must read write now for anyone who owns a website and wants to make sure they show up in searches on Google and the other search engines.

4. Can you create a logo for my business? Once again see Graphic design before you leave here. Jack Breit a member of our team has two Emmys under his belt just for starters. We are very Brand conscious at Seven North and we’ll make sure your business and website follow all the guidelines for good Branding practices.

5. Will I own my website even though you designed it? YES ABSOLUTELY!! Never let anyone own anything to do with your business including your artwork, except you!

6. Who maintains the website after you’re done? Great question once again see website maintenance here at Seven North Web before you leave. This is a very important subject and well worth the few moments it will take you to familiarize yourself with this important topic.

7. Do you charge by the hour or is there a flat fee? We charge a flat fee, no surprises. There would be additional charges if you changed your mind and added things in the middle of the project. Any additions would be by work order only, with your approval. We spend quite a bit of time in the beginning making sure there are no surprises. 

8. Will our website show up in searches on Google? Yes we ask everyone to make a list of important keywords and phrases and then we do our own investigating to make sure they’re just right and that you show up in searches for them.

9. What will I need to provide to build a website? We have a form that we’ll sit down and go over with you that is very comprehensive. It’s important and only takes about an hour to complete.

10. How can we talk with you while our website is being built? Please excuse us for going all primitive on you here, but the phone works really well. We don’t hide behind text and emails!

11. How long does it take to build a website? That will depend on how large the site is,(some websites have 75 pages and more) and some have back ends, as they’re called, for storing information that needs to be stored for doing business with individual clients. The short answer is around 3 weeks as a rule.

12. Will you host my website? Yes we prefer this arrangement, especially if you’re using our website management services. The cost is more than reasonable for our customers.

13. Can you put an online shopping cart on my website ? Yes, and we’ll show you the most secure way to make your Internet customers feel good about spending money at your website.

14. How much does it cost to build a website?  The cost of not having a website that Sells and shows up in searches is astronomical. Checkout our website pricing page here for more information.

Here are a few of questions we’ll ask you about your business and website

1. Who are your competitors? We want to know what your competition is doing right and what they’re doing wrong and we’ll make sure we don’t make the same mistakes.

2. What is your “USP” Unique selling proposition? This describes your competitive advantage or what makes you better than your competition.Get this right and your sales will go through the roof…

3. Can you tell us what you do? In no-more than two sentences. Your visitors to your website scan they don’t read, (see Copywriting) so we’ve got to tell them quickly.

4. Would you write down some websites that you like? We’ll take a look at them, to ensure that we’re not designing a website for you that you won’t like.

5. Are you going to supply the content? There are some topics i.e. (medicine) that are very technical and will require the skills of a doctor to write about the content. In these cases we’ll take the copy and then make sure that it sells or convinces, as well as being SEO friendly for the Googlebots.

6. Are you on a deadline? Give us a date for completion and we’ll make sure our schedule will allow us to complete your website in your timeline.

7. Which Keywords and phrases are important to your business? The  content on your website will be based on these words, (for internet searches) so we put quite a bit of time into these.

We have a website form for all of the things we need to know

You can have a  website Design by Seven North Web…We can build you a beautiful website with a clean look, easy to use navigation, short welcome videos, with a great calls to action and a large back end (for storing information) and much more. Here’s is Seven North Webs portfolio page

If your business needs a website design, or your existing website needs a makeover: contact Bob Lewis at 727.894-4810 for website design services in St Petersburg, Clearwater and the entire Tampa Bay area.