Website developers St Petersburg Fl

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Website developers St Petersburg Fl

Website developers in St Petersburg at Seven North Web are experts at disciplines such as graphic design, SEO (search engine optimization), Sales, Marketing, Copywriting and usability testing for websites to get feedback after your website is built and now more than ever making sure your website is mobile friendly, because that’s the future of Internet search and it’s  here right now.

Website Development until recently was usually about the design of the website, as it related to the front end design and usability, but all of the lines are coming together now as the complexity of website development increases almost daily. Web designers depend on many different tools and they’re constantly being updated with newer standards and better software but the purposes for these new innovations remain the same.

Website developers will make sure you understand how a website works and how well users can interact with a website; will depend on the interactive design of the website, which is always the result of good web design. If a website is user friendly it will result in more sales because visitors can easily move about the website, which creates trust which encourages sales and all of the other interactions needed to cause a sale.

Page layout and calls to action must be consistent throughout your website on different pages as well as maintain a consistent screen resolution for the most popular monitor size as well as being center-aligned for larger screens.

Creating a beautiful website that looks and works well requires that a web designer and website developer work well together to ensure the website is visually pleasing, so both are responsible for the visual aspects such as the layout, coloring and typography, as well as knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and Flash.

Seven North Web has in house Graphic designers to create logos, layouts and buttons for our website designs.

Bob Lewis at Seven North Web is our Internet marketer responsible for targeting viewers to your website using marketing and promotional techniques that will ensure good sales.

SEO at Seven North Web is also handled by Bob Lewis to make sure your website sells what you’re selling and is always accessible and found on search engines like Google and Bing.

Please call Seven North Web anytime at 727.894.4810 and we’ll discuss your existing website or help you design a new website.