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Articles for Blogs in St. Petersburg and Tampa…

… articles for blogs on your website, are the most important page of your website, after the Home Page. When your Blog becomes a trusted source with Google and the other search engines, your Blog articles will show up in searches for your business and what you do.

  • Articles for Blogs must be  good sell pages…
  • Articles for Blogs must have your contact information on every Blog article…
  • If you don’t have time to write Blog articles, contact a Copywriter that’s familiar with your business and hire them to do it for you.
  • Make sure you write at least two good articles a month and the Googlebots will start coming by on a regular basis to check you out.
  • Articles for Blogs are a great way to get good inbound links that will increase the power and credibility of your website with Google.

Here’s a great idea that will be good for your business…

Take a month off on one of the small print Ads you’re buying each month, and let Seven North Web Design in St. Petersburg publish an article on your websites Blog in St Petersburg or Tampa.

You say you don’t have a Blog: No Problem!

We’ll install a Blog on your website Free of charge: when you agree to have Seven North write two Blog articles each month for a minimum of 6 months. You’ll be amazed by the power of your Blog. Call us for more information about this opportunity for your business.

Well written Blog articles will show up in searches on the internet for your business and we’ll make sure every Blog article is about a current topic for your business.

Call Bob Lewis at Seven North Web in St Petersburg or Tampa at 727.894.4810 for more information on the power of a Blog for your website. 


Website developers St Petersburg Fl

website design in progress

Website developers St Petersburg Fl

Website developers in St Petersburg at Seven North Web are experts at disciplines such as graphic design, SEO (search engine optimization), Sales, Marketing, Copywriting and usability testing for websites to get feedback after your website is built and now more than ever making sure your website is mobile friendly, because that’s the future of Internet search and it’s  here right now.

Website Development until recently was usually about the design of the website, as it related to the front end design and usability, but all of the lines are coming together now as the complexity of website development increases almost daily. Web designers depend on many different tools and they’re constantly being updated with newer standards and better software but the purposes for these new innovations remain the same.

Website developers will make sure you understand how a website works and how well users can interact with a website; will depend on the interactive design of the website, which is always the result of good web design. If a website is user friendly it will result in more sales because visitors can easily move about the website, which creates trust which encourages sales and all of the other interactions needed to cause a sale.

Page layout and calls to action must be consistent throughout your website on different pages as well as maintain a consistent screen resolution for the most popular monitor size as well as being center-aligned for larger screens.

Creating a beautiful website that looks and works well requires that a web designer and website developer work well together to ensure the website is visually pleasing, so both are responsible for the visual aspects such as the layout, coloring and typography, as well as knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and Flash.

Seven North Web has in house Graphic designers to create logos, layouts and buttons for our website designs.

Bob Lewis at Seven North Web is our Internet marketer responsible for targeting viewers to your website using marketing and promotional techniques that will ensure good sales.

SEO at Seven North Web is also handled by Bob Lewis to make sure your website sells what you’re selling and is always accessible and found on search engines like Google and Bing.

Please call Seven North Web anytime at 727.894.4810 and we’ll discuss your existing website or help you design a new website.  



Website Design St Petersburg | Part Two

Website Design St Petersburg | Part Two

Homepages that sell:

Seven North Website Design in St Petersburg have become the Go – To – folks to handle all phases of website design, which now includes Copywriting, SEO, website management, Graphic design, marketing and website design, just to name a few of the many tasks needed to produce a great website. Doesn’t mean they’re up to the task at hand.

CAUTION: for those of you who are business owners looking for a competent website designer and builder in the Tampa Bay area and beyond.

MAKE SURE: you’re dealing with a full service, web designer and builder, with a very good Copywriter on staff or at least on retainer, to write professional content that sells well and written with SEO in Mind.

Images on Homepages: large images are all the rage right now; this is really giving your smart phone the willies, because the size of web pages is growing like crazy.

HTTP Archive studies the 10,000 most visited websites every month and they’re reporting that the average web page weighs around 1.3 megabytes and it’s growing.

This is important for your business because more and more people are using Smartphone’s every day, to search for your business on the Internet and they’re not going to wait for your website to load.

Pictures really do speak a thousand words: the right picture is extremely powerful. Pictures all by themselves can create laughter, tears, anger, fear, etc. You’ll notice we use them on the Seven North Homepage to good effect.

NOTE: Don’t use Images for text! That’s a huge waste of time and it adds to the load time of your website for mobile devices.

Higher resolution images are four times the pixels of a regular image and at least three times the file size, so anything over the 700 or 800 kilobytes range should be considered too heavy for mobile search.  

Ask Questions on your home page: if your prospect has just searched for “Replace hot water heater Tampa” on Google, you would do well to answer them with a headline that says something like:

Is your Water Heater worn out or damaged? Acme Plumbing can replace your hot water heater today and you’ll love the price and the service!

If you don’t have a link on your home page for a page in your website for hot water heaters; shame on your website designer , who has let you down.  Add a Hot water heater page to your website right away with a link on your homepage, if you’re a plumber.

Make your website about your prospects and customers: not about you! Your main concern is your prospects problem and solving it, not a rant about how great your company is. This kills more websites than any one thing we can think of.

DON”T MAKE ME THINK: Huge Mistake, Spend hours and hours making you website easy to use. If you don’t I’m leaving. There’s a lot of well known rules about website navigation and we’ll do an article here as part of this series on website design.

Don’t overload your homepage: too much content is just like to many choices; it can shut down the buying process. If your prospect gets confused, she’ll leave and that’s always bad for business. Remember the plumber? You can use a list of your services like these links to pages in your website:

Garbage disposals

Hot water heaters

Toilet repairs

French drains

Google will love the links and so will visitors to your website.

If you can’t look at your websites homepage and know exactly what it’s about in a matter of seconds you have BIG PROBLEMS: Never assume anything when it comes to people searching on the Internet. We’re not much different than great white sharks swimming in circles looking for a meal.  

Thanks for stopping by, we’re Seven North and if we can answer any of your questions about website design St Petersburg, please feel free to call us anytime at 727.894.4810…


Website Design St Petersburg Part One

Website Design St Petersburg Part One

Website design is an interesting topic:  so we’re doing a 10 part article to show you what works and what doesn’t work. Google has taken a lot of the guess work out of website design by laying down the law, if you will.

We’ll start by giving you a list of things you should do: and by that we mean; you will do or your new website will not perform its intended function which usually to, sell something, create a relationship, collect information or make you a well known internet blogger or personality, etc.

Here’s a website Design Do and don’t list:   

1. Do: Always give something away on your website: a free sample of what you’re selling, a free review, because if you don’t one of your competitors will. If you do, the recipient of your free gift will owe you one. That’s Psych 101.

2. Do: Use a font people can read, you’re reading at least 14 or 16 fonts. We’re using a 16 Arial font for this article. Consider who your audience is, the Baby Boomers, people born in the 1950’s and 60’s are finding small fonts hard to read.

3.  Don’t: use Stock Photos for website design when possible; they’ve become popular with web designers: because it makes their job easier, but consider this. A real picture of you and your staff and your real place of business will do a lot to immediately increase your credibility with your prospects on your website. I personally have started to find the United Nations photo shots as I call them offensive. That’s the picture with one Oriental person, one white person, one black person and a person of unknown origin thrown in for good measure. Don’t do it.

4. Don’t: add to the already obnoxious Ads on the Internet! Don’t make me sign into your website to view it for God’s sake. If you do I’m gone and so will most other people. Don’t allow any Pop up Ads on your websites; people really do hate those things.

5. Don’t write long paragraphs: The well respected Nielsen studies have proved that people won’t read them. Make your statement or better yet ask a question to engage your reader and then use some bullet points to make your case. That’s the most you can hope for in these busy times.

6. Do: use an Internet Copywriter: if you’re not good with words. Don’t let your web designer write about complex subjects he doesn’t know anything about. And remember this; most web designers couldn’t sell Beer on a Troopship as we like to say!

7.  Don’t overdo it with SEO: Google has recently made it very clear they’re going to come down on websites trying to hard with SEO.

8. Don’t use to many colors unless your Disney World: Pick a group of great colors that work well together and use them. Too many colors like to many fonts is very confusing and it will shut down the buying process.

9. Do use good Images for website design: whenever possible. A picture really does speak a thousand words in many cases and we’ll show you the perfect example of the use of a picture and why you don’t need to use so many words.

  • To keep this article under control simply allow us to tell you that the number of words on web pages have experienced astronomical growth in the last 10 years.

Here’s a short Article to make our point about the power of Images: and why you don’t need as many words on a page of your website as you think you do.

This is a picture of the Gettysburg Address; the most famous speech ever given, by Abraham Lincoln after the battle of Gettysburg.

  wensite design The Gettysburg Address

Consider this:   The “Gettysburg Address is at most 270 words total.

If Abraham Lincoln healed a war torn nation: with 270 words why in the world would we need: 2000 words to convince someone to buy a protein drink?

The image of Lincoln’s historical speech is powerful: and the message about too many words is right on so use great Images and shut up! Just Kidding, but you get our point.

10. Do use Youtube videos: Just in case we weren’t clear…



Here’s why: Cisco systems has just predicted: that by the year 2015 as much as 90 percent of all internet queries will be answered with a video!

The digital age is here folks: embrace it. A famous man once said “He who marries this generation will be a widower in the next.”  Don’t get lost; go to Youtube right now and learn to use it. If you need help, we’ll gladly help you with Youtube ; it’s easy as can be!

Your prospects on your website really do want to see who they’re going to be inviting into their homes if you’re a Home Improvement Contractor or anyone else…

This is part 1 of a 10 part series so we’ll stop here and let you digest this information and we’ll be back tomorrow with part 2.

Thanks for stopping by, we’re Seven North and if we can answer any of your questions about website design St Petersburg,  please feel free to call us anytime at 727.894.4810…




Seven North Blog welcomes you


Seven North Blog welcomes you: we’re waiting for Google , Bing , and Yahoo to come by and Index our new blog on the Seven North website.Getting your blog indexed by the search engines will be a topic we’ll be discussing here in some depth.

Seven North Blog: is where you’ll find Interesting and Informative and we’ll be providing you with some innovative ways to make your website look, search, and sell better than ever before.

Mobile search: will also be a topic that everyone will find interesting; in a few short years mobile search will be the most commonly used way to search the internet. It actually already is, in China which is a huge market that’s well worth paying attention to as far as trend setting.

Website management is the new SEO: Google has made it very clear that they are very tired of SEO people trying to manipulate the search engines. They have laid down some rules that all of us would do well to follow. We have a website management, section of our website, that anyone who wishes to move their website ahead in searches would do well to read.

Seven North blog will talk a lot about selling: because this is one of the biggest problems we see with the websites we are asked to review everyday, so we’ll spend quite a bit of time talking about selling here.

Most websites do a very poor job of selling; usually because well meaning owners of websites have tried to write  the copy for their website, or they’ve trusted a website builder, who doesn’t know how to sell.

We will stop here and wait for the Googlebot to stop by: and we will then begin posting articles here every week that will make your website better. 

Thanks for stopping by, we look forward to serving you! Bob Lewis