About Us

We would love to tell you About Us…

Seven North Web is a Website developer, Copywriting, SEO, Website Management and Graphic Design firm in St Petersburg Florida. Seven North offers all of the services needed for a business to succeed in the 21st Century.

Seven North Web  began in 1981 as an art and graphics design company in Clearwater, Florida.

Our in-house marketing team began winning awards in its second year with a State Addy award for a poster for the now famous Clearwater Jazz Holiday and a national chamber of commerce award in the same year.

Website design became a natural extension to our brand creative services in 1999. In 26 years we have built thousands of websites as well as an impressive portfolio in the arts, graphic design and photography.

Seven North Web  also owns the popular websites like www.handybears.com.

Seven North Web  welcomes new challenges and the opportunity for fresh brand creation. Helping firms of all sizes get their message out with professional and high-quality sales and marketing materials is a specialty. Whether you need a poster design for a trade show or a complete marketing package; no-one offers more comprehensive solutions for your business.

Seven North Web has an extensive background in Graphic Arts, Photography, and Media Marketing. Robert Lewis is a copywriter, SEO Expert, Social Media Consultant and website developer. Matt Mayes is a brilliant website designer and Social Media Consultant who brings a 21st Century approach to all of our websites and Social Marketing.